Instructions & FAQs for BioPower Pet Tags

PLEASE NOTE:  For the BioPower Pet Shield tag please see the special instructions and FAQs page here. The content below applies to all other BioPower Pet tags.


  • Use the ring included to attach the tag to your pet’s collar. If your pet has more than one other tag, position the BioPower Pet tag on the outside of the others.
  • The tag should be on or near your pet at all times, so if you remove the collar at night then put it in the bed next to your pet.
  • It will take 3 to 4 weeks for the tag to reach its full effectiveness. It is especially important to keep it on or near your pet during that time.
  • The tag is completely waterproof, but during the initial 3 to 4 weeks please remove it for bathing or swimming. After this initial period it may be worn while bathing and swimming.
  • If the tag becomes dirty please wash it with warm water and a mild soap to keep it clean.
  • The energy in the tag will last one full year after opening. We will send you a reminder email towards the end of the one year period.
  • When transitioning to a new tag at the end of the one year period it is a good idea to keep the old tag on with the new one during the first week or two.
BioPower Pet Tags

Frequently Asked Questions

The BioPower Pet tag will take 3 to 4 weeks to reach its full effectiveness. Be sure to keep the tag on or near your pet day and night during this time and don’t worry if you find a few pests during this period. By the end of the fourth week you should have a pest-free pet!

If for some reason your pet temporarily cannot wear the tag on its collar, then try to keep it close by the pet, for example in their bed or the place they sleep the most. If even that is not possible, then set the tag aside in a drawer until it can be worn again, and then go through the activation period when your pet can wear it again. The life of the tag is one year after opening whether it is being worn or not.

The 1 inch diameter tag is made of stainless-steel and is waterproof and durable. Simply clean it with soap and water as needed. During the initial 3-4 week activation period try not to submerge the tag in water, taking it off for swimming and bathing. If it gets wet or submerged a bit during this period it is fine, but try not to do it regularly as it will slow down the activation process.

Yes, the tag is safe for any age pet, young or old, and so will be effective for puppies and kittens as well.

For dogs over 100 pounds it is recommended to use two tags.

Yes, your pet may use up to 3 different tags at one time (and their corresponding sprays if desired). If you pet has more than one tag we recommend attaching them so that the the symbol side of each tag is facing out (meaning away from the other tag), and if you have a third tag like an ID and/or rabies tag that those be placed between the BioPower Pet tags.

No, the tag is designed for use only on dogs and cats. Although it certainly would not hurt another animal to use it, we would have no idea whether it would be effective and would not be able to honor the money back guarantee for that purpose.

Yes, the tag is safe to use for pets who are pregnant or nursing, those with a chronic health condition and those that are taking medication.

The BioPower Pet tag uses natural energetic frequencies that repel pests, not chemicals or pesticides. It uses no electricity or batteries and no magnetic fields, so it will not interfere with a tracking collar or invisible fence. Please note that the electromagnetic radiation from tracking collars, shock collars, and invisible fences do lower your pet’s immune defenses, so holistic veterinarians recommend that you avoid them.

There are quite a few inexpensive solutions for silencing tags on your pet's collar. You can ask at your local pet store or you may find some options here.

Your pet's health is affected by many factors, and although the tag will definitely help with the situation it is designed to address, it is not designed to cure diseases and it will not completely change your pet's demeanor.

For example, a hyper-anxious pet will not suddenly become mellow by using the Calm & Chill tag, but it will take the edge off of their anxiety. And a dog suffering from arthritis will not bounce like a puppy by using the Mobility Magic tag, but it will help to alleviate the discomfort that it feels. Regardless of which tag you are using, your pet will definitely notice a difference, even if you don't see any dramatic changes.

The tag will work for one year once it has been opened and used. While unopened inside the foil pouch it comes in, the tag will last indefinitely.

The tag will not stop working overnight, its effectiveness will just begin to wear off. We will send you an email reminder before the end of the one year period. You will need to go through the activation period again with the new tag.

Our products are made in Europe at our facility in the foothills of the Alps. It is a family run workshop, not a factory, which means all of our products have high quality European craftsmanship to ensure effectiveness and durability.

Yes, the BioPower Pet products have been endorsed by many holistic veterinarians. In fact the chemicals and pesticides used in many conventional pet medications and pest repellents are not approved for human use, and so holistic veterinarians recommend that they not be used for dogs or cats either.

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all products. For more information or to initiate a return please click here.

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