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BioPower Pet Mobility Magic Tag

BioPower Pet Mobility Magic Tag

For older pets that are showing signs of stiffness and achiness in their muscles, joints or hips. Helps relieve inflammation and discomfort.
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Mobility Support Tag for Dogs & Cats

If your pet is showing signs of stiffness or joint discomfort that often come with age, then our Mobility Magic Tag is an excellent way to provide them with some welcome relief. The tag helps to alleviate inflammation and irritation in the joints, muscles, and hips of dogs and cats, alleviating the soreness and achiness that comes in the senior years. It is completely natural and non-toxic, and uses no drugs or steroids that can have negative health consequences with long-term use.

Signs of mobility problems include a hesitation to jump in the car / on the windowsill, stiffness when walking, signs of pain when touched in the hip area, and even an overall lower activity level than exhibited when younger. When you see any of these symptoms it is time to give you pet some comfort and support. The Mobility Magic Tag helps to relieve inflammation that comes with age and ease the discomfort that it brings by sending beneficial energetic frequencies into your pet’s biofield.

This process of bioresonance therapy is used widely in Europe in the field of holistic healthcare for pets and people. As a holistic therapy, it supports health and vitality by working on the cause of the symptoms, not just by suppressing the symptoms, as is the case with most conventional allopathic veterinary medicine.


  • Completely natural - no chemicals or batteries
  • Uses our proprietary bio-resonance energy process
  • Lasts a full year, just clip it on the collar and forget it
  • Handmade at our workshop in Europe
  • Durable stainless-steel, completely waterproof
  • Must remain on or around your pet 24 hours a day to be effective

Instructions for Use

Simply attach the tag to your pet's collar with the included ring. The tag must be on or near your pet 24 hours a day to be effective, so if they don't sleep with their collar on then place it in the bed next to them. There is an initial 3 to 4 week activation period as the tag reaches its full effectiveness - try not to immerse the tag in water during this time, but after that it is completely waterproof. For complete instructions and answers to frequently asked questions please go here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aging pets may start to experience reduced mobility due to aching, arthritic joints and inflammation. When this occurs, the active, lively dog or cat you know and love may seem very different. Moving slower, losing interest in activities they once enjoyed, and every movement appears to cause pain and discomfort. Simply standing up looks like it hurts. 

For pets experiencing these types of painful limitations on their mobility, we offer the Mobility Magic Tag. Infused with our proprietary bioresonance technology, the tag can help alleviate pain and inflammation that older pets suffer with in their Golden Years and restore some of the enthusiasm for physical activity they once had when they were younger, more spry and energetic.

There are some clear indicators that your pet is experiencing the symptoms associated with arthritis, soreness, stiffness, and inflammation of the joints. If you notice your pet laboring just to stand up or sit down, your pet's having difficulty climbing up stairs, showing hesitance at jumping on and off high surfaces, shifting their weight away from the rear or front legs, or just moving a lot slower than usual, your pet may be dealing with mobility issues that need your attention.

The Mobility Magic Tag is a stainless steel tag that has been energized with our proprietary bioresonance technology, a form of holistic energetic therapy that works by sending bioenergetic frequencies into your pet’s biofield. These frequencies help to soothe the discomfort due to inflammation in the joints and other symptoms that are negatively impacting your pet’s quality of life. 

Just attach the Tag to your pet’s collar and the therapeutic bioenergetic frequencies start to interact with your pet’s biofield to bring relief. Expect an initial activation period of about three to four weeks for the bioresonance technology to reach peak potency for your pet.

Bioresonance technology is a form of holistic therapy that emanates from the tag and enters your pet’s biofield through their meridian system. We all have meridians that distribute energy throughout the body. All living things have a biofield and the energy (Chi) that flows within us has been a critical component of traditional Chinese medicinal practices that are still in use today. 

Much like acupuncture, bioresonance therapy utilizes a similar technique that emphasizes healing and recovery by focusing on the flow of energy in the body to restore balance and treat illness and disease in a holistic manner.

It is recommended that you replace the tag every year for best results, although the energy does not simply stop working at the end of a year. When your pet is wearing the Tag, the bioenergetic frequencies are always working to improve your pet's quality of life by reducing the pain from inflammation and helping your pet restore full mobility once again.

No, the bioresonance technology is specially energized into the stainless steel tag through an exclusive energizing process. It does not require a power source to emit the powerful bioresonance frequencies that are helping your pet live a better, happier life.

The energy in these bio-frequencies work on the quantum level, so they are boosting your pet's cellular energy by influencing the biofield.

For best results, attach the Tag to your pet’s collar and leave it on at all times. That way your pet can receive the full benefits of the bioresonance therapies to prevent pain and discomfort. Taking it off and putting it back on will minimize the effect of the bioenergetic frequencies on your pet and it won’t be as effective at soothing the inflammation in the joints. 

If your pet doesn’t wear a collar at night, place the Tag in your pet’s bed when your dog or cat is sleeping. The closer the tag’s proximity to your pet, the better the effect of the frequencies on relieving the mobility issues.

Yes!  Please visit our website to order the Mobility Magic Tag for your dog or cat. Order today and we can send it to any shipping address in the United States and most other countries. Purchase the Tag and greatly improve your pet’s quality of life by reducing their discomfort and restoring the level of mobility they once enjoyed without the joint stiffness.

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