Instructions & FAQs for Horse Shield Tag


  • Use the ring included to attach the tag to your horse's harness. If your horse does not wear a harness all the time, then you may braid it into their mane.
  • The tag should be on your horse at all times, so if you remove its harness at night or when pasturing then braid it into their mane or attach it in some other way.
  • It will take 3 to 4 weeks for the tag to reach its full effectiveness. It is especially important to keep it on your horse during that time.
  • The tag is completely waterproof, but during the initial 3 to 4 weeks please remove it if you will be washing your horse. It is okay if it gets wet during rain. After this initial period it may be worn while bathing also.
  • If the tag becomes dirty please wash it with warm water and a mild soap to keep it clean.
  • The BioPower Horse Shield is best used along with the BioPower Stall Shield if your horse spends significant time indoors.
  • The tag will always create a significant reduction in the amount of flies bothering your horse, but at certain times of the year and/or in certain locations of heavy infestation your horse may not be completely fly-free. Please see the FAQ below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BioPower Horse Shield will take 3 to 4 weeks to reach its full effectiveness. Be sure to keep the tag on your horse day and night during this time and don’t worry if you still see some flies during this period. By the end of the fourth week you will see a significant reduction in the number of pests bothering your horse!

If for some reason your horse temporarily cannot wear the tag on its halter, then try to braid it into their mane or attach it in some other way. If even that is not possible, then set the tag aside in a drawer until it can be worn again, and then go through the activation period when your horse can wear it again. The life of the tag is one year after opening whether it is being worn or not.

The 1.4 inch diameter tag is made of carbon and is waterproof and durable. Simply clean it with soap and water as needed. During the initial 3-4 week activation period try not to soak the tag in water, taking it off for washing your horse. If it gets wet from rain during this period it is fine.

Yes, the tag is safe for any age horse, young or old, and so will be effective for colts and fillies as well.

For horses over 20 hands it is recommended to use two tags.

Yes, the tag is safe to use for mares who are pregnant or nursing, horses with a chronic health condition and those that are taking medication. If anything the tag will lend a hand in improving your horse's overall health.

The BioPower Horse Shield uses natural energetic frequencies that repel pests, not chemicals or pesticides. It uses no electricity or batteries and no magnetic fields, so it will not interfere with or be affected by an electric fence.

The BioPower Horse Shield is appropriate for the vast majority of horses and their environments and will result in a significant reduction in the amount of pests that bother them. However, there are several factors that influence how difficult it will be to keep your horse pest-free, and in some cases it may be necessary to supplement the tag with other natural pest repellent approaches.

There are 3 factors that affect the ability to keep pests off of your horse:

  • The amount of pests in the environment - this is mild to moderate for most parts of the country for most of the year, but there are exceptions - for example in heavily forested or swampy areas and at certain times of the year, especially in the spring.
  • The cleanliness of the horse and barn. It is important to keep the horse and its stall clean to reduce the amount of pests.
  • The health of the horse - the less healthy the animal the more pests will be attracted to it, so it is important to feed a healthy diet, and to be aware that a horse with a chronic health condition will be more susceptible to pests.

So when using a natural pest repellent approach, in some cases it may be necessary to use a multi-layered strategy with more than one natural solution - which would include the BioPower Horse Shield as the foundation, for it will do the lion's share of the work.

A natural fly repellent spray can be a good addition if extra protection is needed. Another good option for a layered natural approach are Brewer's Yeast & Garlic tablets or powder, which are available at most equine online stores and many local stores. Adding these to your horse's diet during the summer months will usually help greatly - and they are also good for the horse's coat.

Thus for the vast majority of horses the BioPower Horse Shield will be the only pest repellent solution needed, but if some of the factors mentioned above are an issue, it may be necessary to supplement with another natural pest repellent approach.

The tag will work for one year once it has been opened and used. While unopened inside the foil pouch it comes in, the tag will last indefinitely.

The tag will not stop working overnight, its effectiveness will just begin to wear off. We will send you an email reminder before the end of the one year period. You will need to go through the activation period again with the new tag.

Our products are made in Europe at our facility in the foothills of the Alps. It is a family run workshop, not a factory, which means all of our products have high quality European craftsmanship to ensure effectiveness and durability.

Yes, the BioPower Pet products have been endorsed by many holistic veterinarians. In fact the chemicals and pesticides used in many conventional horse medications and pest repellents are not approved for human use, and so holistic veterinarians recommend that they not be used for horses either.

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