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BioPower Pet Calm & Chill Tag

BioPower Pet Calm & Chill Tag

The perfect solution for those stressful situations to relax your pet's nerves and take the edge off. Great for car trips, loud noises, visitors, new pets, etc.
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Calming Collar Tag for Dogs & Cats

The BioPower Pet Calm & Chill Tag will help your pet relax and de-stress 24 hours a day for one full year. This completely natural solution is perfect for anxiety relief and high strung pets who exhibit signs of nervousness regularly.

The Calm & Chill Tag emits a soothing energy that calms and relaxes the nervous system. It is not a sedative like anxiety meds, so it will not cause sleepiness or grogginess, but it will take the edge off of for pets who are generally or easily stressed.


  • Completely natural - no chemicals or batteries
  • Uses our proprietary bio-resonance energy process
  • No tranquilizing or sedating effects like anxiety medications
  • Lasts a full year, just clip it on the collar and forget it
  • Handmade at our workshop in Europe
  • Durable stainless-steel, completely waterproof
  • Must remain on or around your pet 24 hours a day to be effective
  • An excellent complement to our Calming Cushion, or get them both and our Calm & Chill Spray with our money-saving bundle

Instructions for Use

Simply attach the tag to your pet's collar with the included ring. The tag must be on or near your pet 24 hours a day to be effective, so if they don't sleep with their collar on then place it in the bed next to them. There is an initial 3 to 4 week activation period as the tag reaches its full effectiveness - try not to immerse the tag in water during this time, but after that it is completely waterproof. For complete instructions and answers to frequently asked questions please go here.

Customer Reviews

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GWE (Alexandria, US)
Big Difference

I bought the calming tag for my 2 yr old minpin. I tried it on alternating days and saw quite a difference between the days. As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, I understand the concept and also saw the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Loud noises, trips to the veterinarian, even moving into a new home can have your dog or cat feeling anxious and nervous. But too much stress on your pet can have a negative impact on their health and well being. That’s why we created the Calm & Chill Tag, a unique and innovative device that calms and soothes your pet using our proprietary bioresonance energy. 

The bioenergetic frequencies are emitted from the tag itself and this energy interacts with your pet’s biofield to energetically soothe your pet into relaxing and feeling less anxious and afraid. The biofield is a field of energy that exists in and around every living being, and our bioresonance technology influences this energy to help dogs and cats replace fear and uncertainty with soothing comfort and to restore balance to their nervous system.

The Tag looks like any ID tag you would attach to your pet’s collar. But the Calm & Chill Tag is always emanating calming energies that work to soothe and relax your dog’s or cat’s biofield and nervous system. You just attach the tag to your pet’s collar with the included ring and the bioresonance technology does the rest. 

The energies emitted from the tag intermingle with your pet’s biofield through the meridians that distribute this life force through its body. As the bioenergies come into contact and flow through your dog or cat, the influence on your pet’s biofield leads to a calm, relaxing effect. No more howling, meowing, shaking, scratching, trembling, or snapping at you or other pets in the home. The stress is gone and your pet is healthier and happier because of it.

The tag is made from stainless steel which has been energized with our proprietary bioresonance technology and when your pet is wearing it on a collar around their neck, the bioenergetic frequencies coming from the tag are influencing your pet’s natural biological energy. The reason it’s so effective is because the Tag is always emitting these frequencies so your pet is always receiving the benefits of the bioresonance energy and the effects that energy is having on your pet’s biofield and nervous system.

The bioresonance technology embedded in the Calm & Chill Tag gives off bioenergetic frequencies that contain energy designed to manipulate specific areas of the biofield that impact the nervous system. When those frequencies interact with your pet’s biofield energy, the negative energy that is causing anxiety, stress, and nervousness are slowly reduced, leaving your pet feeling more soothed, relaxed, and calm. 

This bioresonance calming energy is sourced from the tag, which is constantly emitting its bioenergetic frequencies at all times.

Absolutely. Many calming products on the market may use strong chemicals or artificial pheromones to help your pet relax. There are even stronger options on the market in the form of pharmaceutical sedatives, and using these products can make your dog or cat feel lethargic or alter their behavior entirely. 

But the Pet Calm & Chill Tag doesn’t rely on any herbs, chemicals, artificial additives or synthetic pheromones. The bioenergetic frequencies emanating from the tag are completely safe as the natural calming energy stimulates your pet’s meridians, allowing the free flow of energy through its body and restoring balance and calm to its nervous system. 

No chemicals, no artificial components, no toxic ingredients whatsoever. Only the bioenergetic frequencies of a proven technology that has been used in a wide range of medical equipment and healing treatments throughout Europe for over two decades. That’s where these tags are made and energized with our bioresonance technology - and have been for years.

No. The Calm & Chill Tag is not an electronic device, so no batteries are needed and during its one year effective period you won't need to recharge it. The bioresonance energy is always present in the tag and your pet will always benefit from wearing it.

The tag does need to be replaced once a year to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the bioresonance energy, which does begin to taper off after 12 months.

No, the tag is only intended to calm your pet. Take the edge off. Settle their nerves and make them feel more at ease and soothed in unfamiliar surroundings and uncomfortable situations. New users should allow for a brief activation period as your pet's biofield grows accustomed to the energies coming from the Tag. This will generally take a few weeks depending on the pet, their surroundings, and their level of daily anxiety.

Yes, the only way your dog or cat will enjoy the full benefits of the bioresonance frequencies for a calming and soothing effect is to keep the tag on their body 24 hours a day. The Tag only benefits the pet wearing it, the energy will not affect other pets near the Tag. If you must take it off, place the tag next to your pet when asleep.

If you plan to take it off and then put it back on your pet ahead of a car ride, houseguests, or other stressors that can increase your pet's anxiety, the tag won't be as effective. It's not meant to be taken on and off if you want the best results.

We also recommend the BioPower Pet Calm & Chill Spray which can be used in conjunction with the tag or on its own to reduce the stress of your pet ahead of anxiety inducing situations.

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