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BioPower Pet Calming Bundle

BioPower Pet Calming Bundle

The perfect bundle to keep your pet relaxed in stressful situations or all day long. Includes the Calming Cushion, Calm & Chill Tag, and Calm & Chill Spray.
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Natural Calming Kit for Dogs & Cats

Save $28 on the combination of our unique Calming Cushion, Calm & Chill Tag, and Calm & Chill Spray for the ultimate tool set to help your pet live a more relaxed life. The cushion will soon become your pet's favorite place to hang out as it eases into the comfort of its soothing energy frequencies. The tag will keep your pet relaxed all day long, and the spray is perfect for situations like car rides, house guests, thunderstorms, and other anxiety inducing circumstances that put your pet on edge.

They are not sedating or tranquilizing like conventional anxiety meds, so they will not make your dog or cat sleepy or groggy. They will also not change their personality of course, but they will help to take the edge off of their anxiety so they are more relaxed and can more fully enjoy their lives.

  • The cushion measures 15x15 inches and spray comes in a 1.75 ounce bottle
  • They are 100% natural - no chemicals, hormones, or electronics are used
  • All use our proprietary bio-resonance energy process and are hand made in our workshop in Europe
  • The ultimate holistic calming solution for anxious and high strung dogs and cats
  • No tranquilizing or sedating like anxiety medications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using only all natural ingredients, the BioPower Pet calming spray is a non-toxic and highly effective solution for taking the edge off nervous pets who are managing stressful situations by acting out and presenting negative behavioral patterns. The anxiety producing situations can include loud noises, separation anxiety, new pets in the home, car rides, vet visits, etc. Symptoms can include urinating in places where they shouldn’t, barking and whining, hiding, or acting out in an aggressive manner to humans or other animals. 

Our combination of active ingredients includes pure spring water and verbena essential oils, charged with our proprietary bioresonance energy that works on an energetic level with your pet’s natural biofield. Just a few sprays of this product on your pet will decrease stress and anxiety and make your pet feel more at ease in otherwise tense situations. 

The BioPower Pet Calm & Chill Spray can be the answer for stress inducing events where pet owners don’t want to give their pets unnecessary prescription tranquilizers or sedatives that can leave their furry companions feeling lethargic.

The BioPower Pet calming cushion works in much the same way as the tag and spray. The material of the cushion has been energetically charged with our bioresonance technology that emits bioenergetic frequencies and interacts with your pet’s natural energy to reduce the negative influences that come from stress and feelings of nervous anxiety. Just like the tag and spray, the cushion is not intended to have a sedative effect on your pet but to simply calm and soothe. 

If your pet does fall asleep when lying on the cushion, it is likely due to the comfort of the material in addition to the peace of mind and emotional tranquility that has resulted from the effects of the bioenergetic impacts of the technology.

Small dogs, larger dogs, and cats of all temperaments can experience stress and anxiety from a wide variety of stressors that can lead to a range of health and wellness issues from digestion to over-grooming to skin and cardiovascular problems. A nervous pet is at a higher risk of health problems making it all that more crucial to maintain calm and relaxation.

Pet owners moving into a new home may find their pets feeling nervous and out of sorts by the new sounds and smells of an environment they don't recognize. Some pets acclimate faster than others, but for those who have greater difficulty with this significant transition, our calming bundle can help them get through it more easily.

When a pet has grown accustomed to spending long periods with their owner, and that owner has to spend less time with the pet for whatever reason, the pet can start to feel stressed and worried as a result of separation anxiety. For pets experiencing anxious time alone and away from their beloved human companions, the calming spray can be a wonderful solution for helping reduce that anxiety and soothe tension.

The Fourth of July can be a stressful holiday for pets who run and hide when the neighbors are blasting fireworks off in their backyards. Even parties with many invitees coming into the house and laughing, yelling, and talking at higher than normal inflections can have pets on edge with all of these strange and intimidating unknown voices. Our BioPower Pet calming cushion can give your pet a peaceful and reassuring place to rest without worry.

These dog calming products are intended to help reduce stress and keep your dog (or cat) relaxed in stressful situations. The benefits of these products are that you can decrease anxiety in your pet but they are not formulated as sedatives or sleep aids to help your pet rest or go to sleep. It may take some time for your pet to feel the full effects of the bioresonance energy emanating from spray and the cushion, but with time, you will begin to notice your pet is more calm and relaxed in certain situations that caused high levels of stress in your pet before using the products in our calming bundle.

Your dog's health and your cat's wellness are our number one priority. That's why we take such care and attention to developing products that enhance the life of your canine companion or feline friend. We offer the calming bundle to pet owners who want the maximum effect of our bioresonance technology to lower stress levels in their four-legged friends.

Both products can be used together and, for pets who are particularly nervous and stressed, we recommend they be used in conjunction with one another to get the best possible result. The cushion can be used at all times by any size pet, while the spray is intended to be applied directly to the pet based on size and body weight of the animal.

This convenient two-pack calming bundle is available now, to give you and your pet, peace of mind.

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