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BioPower Pet Calming Spray

BioPower Pet Calming Spray

BioPower Pet Calming Spray

The perfect solution for those stressful situations to relax your pet's nerves and take the edge off. Great for car trips, loud noises, visitors, new pets, etc.
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Calming Spray for Dogs & Cats

BioPower Pet Calming Spray will help your pet relax and de-stress with a few simple spritzes. This completely natural solution is perfect for stressful situations of all types - visitors to the home, trips in the car, new pets in the family, crate training, and much more.

The Calming Spray emits a soothing energy that calms nerves and relaxes the nervous system. It has a comforting Verbena aromatherapy scent and will work for several hours with each application. Simply spray a few times on your dog or cat and watch as they unwind. It is not a sedative and will not make them sleepy or groggy, but it will take the edge off of stressful situations so that they feel more comfortable.


  • Completely natural - no chemicals or artificial hormones
  • Uses our proprietary bio-resonance energy process
  • No tranquilizing or sedating effects
  • Handmade at our workshop in Europe
  • Comes in a recyclable 1.75 ounce glass bottle
  • An excellent complement to our Calming Cushion, or get them both with our money-saving bundle

Ingredients:  Spring water treated with bio-resonance energy, Verbena essential oil, <1% alcohol.

Instructions for Use

Apply 3 to 5 sprays to your pet depending on their size, once before stressful situations or daily for anxious pets. Simply spritz above from head to tail and once on the belly. You may also spray it in the pet's crate or bed to create a more relaxing environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Krista (Grayson, US)
Seems to work nicely

My dogs both seem to be responding very well to this calming spray. I bought it for car rides, but am now using it daily when I leave for work. It seems to just bring a bit more calm....

Martin G. (Denver, US)
So far so good!

I've been using this spray during thunderstorms with my dog who hates loud noises, and it really seems to make a difference. It appears to work better than the other natural things we've tried...

Frequently Asked Questions

The pet calming spray works by using bioenergetic frequencies that have a soothing effect on dogs and cats. The spray also contains verbena essential oil, an aromatherapy ingredient that is known to help relieve anxiety. The spray can be applied 3 to 5 times before a stressful situation (such as leaving for work, loud noises, traveling, etc.).

While the pet calming spray is safe for all types of pets, it is specifically designed for use on dogs and cats.

The calming spray is effective when applied once before stressful situations. It can also be applied daily to reduce anxiety throughout the day, or sprayed in a pet’s crate or bed to create a relaxing environment. With each use, apply 3 to 5 sprays (depending on their size) from head to tail and once or twice on the belly.

The calming spray should not have any side effects. It is completely natural and contains no chemicals or hormones.

Yes, the calming spray is designed for anxious dogs and cats as a result of stress-related events (including loud noises such as thunderstorms, car rides, visitors, and any other type of event that causes the animals to feel stressed).

The calming spray typically begins to work immediately, although it will take 5 or 10 minutes to reach full its full effect. However, this can vary slightly depending on your specific pet. When using, make sure to spray directly on the fur of the dog or cat (and the belly). It is important to know that the spray is not a sedative or tranquilizer, so you will not notice your pet suddenly become knocked out. The spray will take the edge off of their anxiety, but it will not put them in a sedated state.

Yes, the calming spray can be used on puppies and kittens because it is completely natural and non-toxic.

Yes, the calming spray is ideal to use before situations that cause your pet to become stressed. This can include travel, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, and any other situation that causes them to be stressed and anxious.

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