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BioPower Pet Mobility Magic Spray

BioPower Pet Mobility Magic Spray

For older pets that are showing signs of stiffness and achiness in their muscles, joints or hips. Helps relieve inflammation and discomfort.
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Mobility Support Spray for Dogs & Cats

If your pet is showing signs of stiffness or joint discomfort that often come with age, then our Mobility Magic Spray is an excellent way to provide them with some welcome relief. The spray helps to alleviate inflammation and irritation in the joints, muscles, and hips of dogs and cats, alleviating the soreness and achiness that comes in the senior years. It is completely natural and non-toxic, and uses no drugs or steroids that can have negative health consequences with long-term use.

Signs of mobility problems include a hesitation to jump in the car / on the windowsill, stiffness when walking, signs of pain when touched in the hip area, and even an overall lower activity level than exhibited when younger. When you see any of these symptoms it is time to give you pet some comfort and support. The Mobility Magic Spray helps to relieve inflammation that comes with age and ease the discomfort that it brings by sending beneficial energetic frequencies into your pet’s biofield.

This process of bioresonance therapy is used widely in Europe in the field of holistic healthcare for pets and people. As a holistic therapy, it supports health and vitality by working on the cause of the symptoms, not just by suppressing the symptoms, as is the case with most conventional allopathic veterinary medicine.


  • Completely natural - no chemicals or artificial hormones
  • Uses our proprietary bio-resonance energy process
  • Water based, non-staining & non-toxic
  • Handmade at our workshop in Europe
  • Comes in a recyclable 1.75 ounce glass bottle

Ingredients:  Spring water treated with bio-resonance energy, Copaiba essential oil, <1% alcohol (as a preservative).

Instructions for Use

Apply 4 to 6 sprays daily to your pet depending on their size. Simply spritz above from head to tail and once or twice on the belly. May be used multiple times daily to support traumatic injuries. Answers to frequently asked questions may be found here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining your pet’s joint health is absolutely vital for preserving their quality of life and when it comes to our fur babies, we want to do everything possible to keep them healthy, happy, and vibrant. Joint stiffness, inflammation, and pain can be debilitating and while these issues are found more often in aging pets, even younger dogs and cats can suffer discomfort of the joints.

The common causes of pets presenting joint issues could be due to a traumatic injury or an illness, hereditary forms of arthritis or other types of hip and joint dysfunction, and age-related joint stiffness. It's important to understand what causes a deterioration of joint health in order to provide relief to your furry friend. When you can give your dog or cat an effective solution to support healthy joints you're not just reducing discomfort, but also increasing their physical activity which promotes better health outcomes. It helps them lose weight and keep the weight off, reducing stress on the joints and keeping them energetic.

You may notice your dog or cat moving around less than normal, shying away from doing simple, everyday things like walking up stairs, jumping on the bed, or running and chasing after a favorite toy or a ball. Perhaps your pet has trouble standing up and sitting down, they sleep more often than usual, or favor one leg, noticeably shifting their weight. 

These symptoms are common indications of restricted mobility in pets and the reasons for this dysfunction are most often due to the causes mentioned above. If you observe your dog or cat exhibiting any of these, or other painful behaviors where it appears that movement has become a significant challenge, your pet may be trying to tell you something.

If your pet has been injured or is suffering an illness, consult a veterinarian immediately. If their difficulty with mobility is caused by an old injury that might have required surgery or other factors that might contribute to limited maneuverability issues due to joint pain or inflammation, you want an all-natural and effective solution for joint relief.

That's what the Mobility Magic Joint Support Spray offers your pet, a holistic way to support healthy joints without the need for chemicals, steroids, or harsh drugs that can have long term consequences on your pet's health. The Mobility Magic spray uses fresh spring water infused with our proprietary bioresonance energy to target joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation with bioenergetic frequencies that work to manipulate your pet's biofield and stimulate the body's endorphins to relieve discomfort through natural methods.

The Mobility Magic spray is a holistic energetic therapy that sends bioenergetic frequencies into your pet’s biofield, stimulating the natural healing processes of the body at the cellular level. These processes support your pet’s immunity, relieve discomfort, and soothe inflammation by engaging the flow of biological energy in the body, a method that has been used by Traditional Chinese Medicine healing practices such as acupuncture for centuries. Bioresonance energy therapy works in a similar capacity by reducing blockages in the meridians and ensuring proper energetic flow. When the bioenergies of any living thing are not functioning properly, that can result in pain, dysfunction, and illness.

No, our proprietary bioresonance energy is an infinite source of holistic healing energy that won't need to be replenished, recharged, or otherwise renewed in any capacity. If your pet is suffering from the symptoms of achiness, stiffness, or other hip or joint dysfunction, simply apply the Mobility Magic support spray to your pet once or twice a day to help relieve aches, resulting in less discomfort, and fewer joint and hip problems over the long term.

Spray four to six times from head to tail with one or two directly on the belly for optimal absorption.

The spray is formulated using quality ingredients that are for external use only. Daily exercise and routine application of the Mobility Magic support spray can improve quality of life and provide joint care benefits that will have your fur babies running around more like they did when they were younger.

Yes! You can use the Mobility Magic spray in conjunction with our collection of collar tags and sprays that contain the same bioresonance technology to calm your pet, support pet health and immunity, and help repel fleas and ticks, just to name a few. Our line of products contain all-natural active ingredients energized with bioresonance information that has been widely used in many holistic healthcare applications across Europe for over twenty years. All of our products are handmade in Europe and offer this powerful energetic therapy that is completely safe for use on dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments.

The holistic approach to pet health examines all of your pet’s most important attributes, taking into account the mind, the body, and the spirit. This view of veterinary medicine places a greater importance on preventive care and natural treatments to treat the cause of the illness or dysfunction in your pet instead of applying pharmaceutical solutions to ease the symptoms. Your pet’s discomfort may be caused by any number of possible causes and the holistic approach embraces all aspects of your pet’s physical, emotional, and psychological well being to get to the root of the problem. Many holistic veterinarians believe that a pet's wellness is tied to all of these facets and only treating the symptoms of pain and discomfort with medications or prescription pain relievers fails to address the problem and that can lead to a return of the symptoms, possibly with more intensity, later on down the road.

Yes, visit our website where you can order your 1.75 ounce bottle of Mobility Magic Joint Support Spray or a pack of three for homes with multiple pets who could use some joint health support to soothe inflammation and relieve discomfort from joint stiffness and achiness. Order today and get your pet started on the road to positive joint health and support.

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