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BioPower Pet So Soothing Spray

BioPower Pet So Soothing Spray

A natural way to provide relief to pets with itchy skin and other allergy symptoms. Helps to balance the immune system, treating the cause rather than the symptoms of the allergies.
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Itch & Allergy Relief Spray for Dogs & Cats

If your pet itches and scratches frequently then it is likely a sign of allergies, and our So Soothing Spray is an excellent way to provide them with some welcome relief. The spray helps to bring balance to the immune system of dogs and cats, alleviating the symptoms associated with allergies such as irritated skin, ear itchiness, and sneezing. It is completely natural and non-toxic, and uses no drugs or steroids that can have negative health consequences with long-term use.

Allergies and their symptoms such as scratching and sneezing are caused by an overactive immune system reacting to an allergen (food, pollen, etc.). The So Soothing Spray helps to modulate the immune system and provide symptomatic relief by sending beneficial energetic frequencies into your pet’s biofield.

This process of bioresonance therapy is used widely in Europe in the field of holistic healthcare for pets and people. As a holistic therapy, it supports health and vitality by working on the cause of the symptoms, not just by suppressing the symptoms, as is the case with most conventional allopathic veterinary medicine.


  • Completely natural - no chemicals or artificial hormones
  • Uses our proprietary bio-resonance energy process
  • Water based, non-staining & non-toxic
  • Handmade at our workshop in Europe
  • Comes in a recyclable 1.75 ounce glass bottle

Ingredients:  Spring water treated with bio-resonance energy, Citronella essential oil, <1% alcohol (as a preservative).

Instructions for Use

Apply 4 to 6 sprays daily to your pet depending on their size. Simply spritz above from head to tail and once or twice on the belly. May be used twice daily during periods of intense symptoms. Answers to frequently asked questions may be found here.

Customer Reviews

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Diann G. (Denver, US)
It really helps!

We got the So Soothing tags for two of our dogs, and have been using the spray to supplement from time to time. Overall with the tags there has been a great improvement in the symptoms for both - one who suffered from itchy ears and paws, the other from nasal congestion. For our one dog he will still get congested occasionally (probably because he stuck his nose in some weed around our property), and when that happens we use this spray and within 10 or 15 minutes there is a noticeable improvement. These products work!

Frequently Asked Questions

When your dog or cat is constantly licking, biting, or scratching at specific areas of their skin, it could mean they are allergic to something in their environment. The So Soothing Spray is the all-natural, holistic solution for providing relief from allergy symptoms that cause your pet to itch. Excessive scratching or biting can result in irritated skin and increase the risk of infection, but you can bring your pet much-needed soothing relief with the So Soothing Spray and its blend of natural ingredients.

The So Soothing Spray is made of a formula that uses oxygenated spring water that has been infused with our proprietary bioresonance energy combined with essential oils and less than 1%  alcohol (as a preservative). This all-natural combination of ingredients offers your pet a safer, more effective way to not only eliminate the symptoms of most common pet allergies but get to the root cause as well.

When your pet is demonstrating allergy symptoms, their immune system is working overtime to keep your pet healthy. The result is itchy skin, sneezing, and diagnosing the problem could take some time. Our So Soothing spray helps balance your pet’s immune system to soothe the symptoms that come from these allergic reactions using our bioresonance energy. The frequencies from this therapy work on a cellular level to strengthen their innate energy and stimulate the natural healing processes in the body.

Bioresonance energy therapy has been widely used as an effective holistic treatment option throughout Europe for many decades. The bioenergetic frequencies contained in the spray work by directly manipulating your pet’s biofield, the body’s energy that flows through every living being. The biofield is made up of a network of meridians that distribute the energy through the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices like acupuncture have utilized the biofield for centuries to treat illness and dysfunction by balancing energy and removing energetic blockages.

No, the bioresonance energy in the So Soothing spray will not expire or run out. You can rest assured that every time you spray your dog or cat with the product, the bioresonance energy will be working at full capacity.

Holistic veterinarians place a greater emphasis on diagnosing a pet's health and wellbeing by taking all of your pet's attributes into account. This includes the physical, the mental, and the emotional aspects of your pet's everyday life and routine. If your dog suffers from allergies or your cat is sneezing more often than usual, holistic veterinary medicine examines all possible indicators to determine the cause of those allergic reactions. It may be due to your pet's diet or it could be a lack of something else in their life that needs to be addressed and traditional veterinarians may overlook some smaller detail that is apparent.

When applying the product to soothe your pet, it will generally take 10 to 15 minutes for the spray to reach its full effectiveness. Frequent use during times when symptoms are present will also improve its effectiveness.

Yes, the So Soothing Spray for dogs and cats can be used in conjunction with other BioPower Pet products to relieve itching, calm nerves, support health and promote better mobility in aging pets.

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