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BioPower Pet Going Strong Spray

BioPower Pet Going Strong Spray

Give your aging pet a boost in health and vitality with this unique holstic tag. Great for senior dogs & cats and those with chronic health conditions.
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Health Support Spray for Senior Dogs & Cats

When your pets reach their senior years it’s time to provide them extra support to keep them healthy and thriving. Our Going Strong Spray is an excellent way to give dogs and cats a boost in health and energy to help them through their golden years. The spray will support their immune system, increase their cellular energy, and provide an overall vitality boost for better health and happiness. It is completely natural and non-toxic, and uses no drugs or steroids that can have negative health consequences with long-term use.

The Going Strong Spray also works great for pets with chronic health conditions, whose health and immune systems are always in need of an extra boost. Whether it’s normal aging or a long-term illness, your dog or cat can get the support they need for better health from the beneficial energetic frequencies the tag/spray emits into their biofield.

This process of bioresonance therapy is used widely in Europe in the field of holistic healthcare for pets and people. As a holistic therapy, it supports health and vitality by working on the cause of the symptoms, not just by suppressing the symptoms, as is the case with most conventional allopathic veterinary medicine.


  • Completely natural - no chemicals or artificial hormones
  • Uses our proprietary bio-resonance energy process
  • Water based, non-staining & non-toxic
  • Handmade at our workshop in Europe
  • Comes in a recyclable 1.75 ounce glass bottle

Ingredients:  Spring water treated with bio-resonance energy, Verbena essential oil, <1% alcohol (as a preservative).

Instructions for Use

Apply 4 to 6 sprays daily to your pet depending on their size. Simply spritz above from head to tail and once or twice on the belly. May be used multiple times daily to support periods of severe illness. Answers to frequently asked questions may be found here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aging pets are more likely to develop health issues because their immune systems begin to weaken, their nutritional needs change, and even a small amount of weight gain can place undue stress on the joints, resulting in pain and discomfort. Senior dogs and cats are increasingly prone to various forms of disease, negatively impacting their physical health and mental well being.

That's why BioPower Pet offers the Going Strong support spray to maintain pet health through natural support of the immune system in a holistic approach to keeping your pet healthy, happy, and fully supported. This spray offers advantages of bioresonance energy therapy that interacts with your pet's biofield to provide immunity support and stimulates the body's natural healing processes at the cellular level through a proprietary blend of natural ingredients specially formulated for aging dogs and cats who need a boost of vitality to promote wellness.

Your aging companion may need a special diet or require some extra assistance going up and down the stairs. We want to preserve the quality of life for our furry friends and it starts with good health. The Going Strong support spray contains bioresonance technology that has been specially energized into the product. When you spray it directly on aging dogs or senior cats, the bioenergetic frequencies inside the liquid are emitted into your pet's meridians, the channels in the body that distribute the flow of biological energy. This energy helps keep us safe and healthy, including our pets, and when the flow of that energy becomes blocked, that can lead to all types of illness and dysfunction of the body's internal organs and systems resulting in sickness and pain.

But just apply the Going Strong spray to your furry companions and you can rest assured knowing you've taken an important step in helping to support their health into their Golden Years. Just spray your senior cat or dog four to six times starting from the head and continuing to the opposite end at the tail. Be sure to spray the belly once or twice to ensure complete coverage. Your pet's weight and age can be guidelines for how many pumps and how often you apply the product.

Once the spray is applied, the bioenergetic frequencies contained in the spring water base of the product are emitted and move into your dog’s or cat’s biofield through the meridians - the pathways inside your pet's body that channel their biological energy. As the bioresonance energy intermingles through your pet's biofield, the benefits of the spray and the bioresonance therapy work on a cellular level to increase immune support and fortify your pet's recovery and healing capabilities to help ward off the common illnesses and diseases that pets are more likely to develop as they grow older.

No, the bioresonance energy therapy is a holistic solution for ensuring your pet's health and well being and it is designed to be a constant, infinite source of positive healing energy that supports immunity, promotes wellness, and works to support pet health without harsh chemicals, synthetic hormones, or potentially damaging medications that can be taxing on the heart, the kidneys, and other organs of the body. You can feel free to use the spray whenever you wish, but keep in mind that the more you use it, the better supported your pet will be in their home environment, both indoors and outdoors.

An aging pet needs proper nutrients, supplements, and routine visits to the veterinarian to help your pet look and feel their best at all times. So when you decide to start applying our Going Strong support spray to your pet, you are providing a level of support for health and immunity that is powerful and effective. So feel free to give your pet their natural supplements between meals and plenty of exercise, but also apply the Going Strong support spray to give your pet that additional protection for good health.

Some other recommended products include other BioPower Pet sprays and tags that help relieve itch, repel fleas and ticks, offer growth support for younger kittens and puppies, provide relaxation support and soothe painful, aching joints. All of these fine products are made with high quality components and they are all energized with the same innovative bioresonance energy information. There are no interactions or dangers that pose a risk to the health and safety of your beloved senior dog or cat.

The older your pet gets, the higher the risk of a disease or illness. Using the spray on your senior cat or aging dog can help reduce that risk by improving immune system support and ensuring the flow of biological energy through the body. Apply it to your dog before a ride in the car, spray it on your cat when lounging in a favorite bed or chair.

It will generally take 10 to 15 minutes until the spray has reached its maximum effectiveness. And remember, it does not have a sedating or tranquilizing affect, so your dog or cat will not seem drowsy or behave drastically different.

Yes. If you have more than one senior dog or cat in your home and you want to keep them safe and healthy using our bioresonance technology, you can apply the product to each pet in the home who you feel would benefit from a boost of immune support and vitality.

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