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BioPower Pet Shield Spray

BioPower Pet Shield Spray

A great complement to our Pet Shield tag for that extra protection at times of the year or locations where infestations are more severe. Just a few sprays before they head out the door.
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Natural Flea & Tick Repellent Spray for Dogs & Cats

The BioPower Pet Shield Spray will help to keep your pet free of fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. A few spritzes before going outside will repel these pests so they are not attracted to your dog or cat. It is an ideal complement to our BioPower Pet Shield Tag on your pet's collar, offering additional protection in heavily infested areas.

The spray emits an energy that fleas, ticks, and mosquitos find disturbing, and so naturally avoid. It also has a subtle Citronella scent that these pests do not like. Simply spray a few times on your dog or cat before they go outside and you can be confident that they are protected. Once in the morning is usually enough to last through the day.


  • Completely natural and non-toxic - no chemicals or pesticides
  • Comes in a recyclable 3.5 ounce glass bottle
  • Uses our proprietary bio-resonance energy process
  • Handmade at our workshop in Europe
  • A perfect complement to the BioPower Pet Shield Tag, or get them both with our money-saving bundle

Ingredients:  Spring water treated with bio-resonance energy, Citronella essential oil, <1% alcohol.

Instructions for Use

Apply 4 to 6 sprays to your pet depending on their size, once in the morning before they first go outside. Simply spritz above from head to tail and once or twice on the belly. Answers to frequently asked questions may be found here.

PLEASE NOTE:  This was formerly called Flea & Tick Spray, so you may receive a bottle with that label on it, but it is the same product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need the Pet Shield Spray if my pet has the BioPower Pet Shield Tag?  The spray is designed to complement the tag, and this is helpful in heavily infested areas, for pets that spend a great deal of time outdoors, or for pets that have a long-term health condition that makes their immune system weak (which also makes them more attractive to pests).
  • Will the spray get rid of fleas that my pet already has?  No, the spray is a pest repellent, it does not kill fleas and is not designed to fix a flea infestation. The best approach to fix a flea infestation is a natural flea powder.
  • Will the spray prevent heartworm disease?  The spray will repel mosquitos, and  heartworm disease is spread through mosquito bites, so it can be helpful in preventing heartworm. In some areas where heartworm is especially prevalent it may be necessary to use other prevention methods also.

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Terry R.

Seems to work well.


It works


Live it

Frequently Asked Questions

The natural flea and tick spray works by emitting bioenergetic frequencies that repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, similar to our BioPower Pet Shield. The spray also has a subtle Citronella scent that fleas, ticks, and mosquitos do not like, keeping them away from your dog and/or cat. It’s important to note that the spray does not kill fleas, but works by repelling adult fleas and ticks to deter them from attaching to your animal (specifically your dog and/or cat). It does not kill flea eggs or flea larvae.

The spray is designed for use on dogs and cats. It is non-toxic and so completely safe for puppies and kittens, as well as pregnant and nursing pets.

Unlike other tick sprays and tick products, the ingredients in the natural flea and tick spray include a unique blend of spring water treated with bio-resonance energy, Citronella essential oil, and less than 1% alcohol - all of which are non-toxic, natural ingredients.

In most cases the flea and tick spray only needs to be applied once in the morning - apply 3 to 5 sprays (depending on their size) along their entire coat and once or twice on their belly. This is typically enough to last the duration of the day. If your dog or cat spends a considerable amount of time outside, you can always spray them a few times throughout the day for extra protection. Make sure to avoid contact with their eyes when applying the pet flea spray.

No, the spray is holistic and 100% natural and so it does not have any side effects.

The spray begins working as soon as it is applied to your dog or cat. 

The spray has a slight scent of Citronella oil, but it is not strong.

The spray is designed to be a complement to our BioPower Pet Shield Tag that attaches to your pet’s collar. It is always recommended that your dog or cat have the tag, and then use the spray as needed to offer additional protection.

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