All Natural Flea and Tick Repellents for Cats

By Marty Grosjean
Cat Repellents

No pet owner wants to see their beloved pet suffer from the itch and discomfort of fleas and ticks. Taking preventative action to keep these pests off your pet and out of the home can be a challenge.

Even indoor cats can get fleas. Just one of these tiny pests latches on to a shoe or gets caught in clothing or an item that enters the home and, in no time at all, that flea finds a warm place to hide and feed in your cat's fur. That one flea can produce dozens and dozens of eggs and the infestation can be overwhelming to your pet, you, and your family.

Ticks can pose another serious risk. These parasites feed off the blood of your cat and have been known to transmit disease that can be passed to cats and humans alike. An effective repellent is necessary to keep these pests from causing a nuisance to everyone in your home.

Health Risks of Fleas and Ticks

Your cat is prone to a variety of health risks when exposed to fleas and ticks and they can lead to pain, discomfort, and even illness. Preventing exposure can reduce the following:

  • Diseases such as Lyme disease, cardiac issues, kidney failure, and joint damage
  • Itching
  • Skin scrapes and scratches due to excessive scratching
  • Rashes and skin irritation
  • Skin infections
  • Scabbing and scarring
Flea And Tick

Flea and Tick Prevention Products

Cat owners seeking relief for their pets have a range of choices for keeping fleas and ticks away and their homes pest-free. The most common forms of flea and tick repellent are found in pills, collars, and topicals applied in between the shoulder blades of the cat.

All of these options introduce the repellent into the bloodstream of the pet to kill the pests currently living in the cat's fur and feeding on the skin while destroying any eggs to keep more parasites from emerging. Consumers find these products beneficial because they have been formulated to be fast-acting and effective at wiping out every pest that is bothering your pet.

Toxic Pesticides

Take a closer look at the active ingredients on these products and you'll find strong chemical pesticides in these repellents. Harsh chemicals and compounds that are not approved for use or exposure to humans as they could be poisonous, but they have been deemed safe for use on animals.

That can give some pet owners reason to pause and wonder just what type of long-term effect that exposure to these chemicals can have on humans and pets alike. A range of studies on the impacts of pesticide-based flea and tick repellents have shown the potential for serious health issues in pets. The Environmental Protection Agency has opened a series of investigations into the causes behind serious illnesses in cats who had been using pesticide-based flea and tick repellents.

If there were a better way to kill fleas and ticks, an all-natural option that was safe and effective for use around pets and humans, wouldn't that be an option worth exploring?

Natural Pest Repellents

When it comes to natural pest repellents, the first thing every pet owner wants to know is how effective they can be. In most instances, a natural flea and tick repellent uses a blend of essential oils that can be applied with a spray, a topical, or pet collar. The aroma of these oils is too much for the pests to withstand and they are driven away from choosing your cat for their next meal.

These alternatives have been found effective but the true impact of the repellent for your cat can be dependent upon how often your cat might be exposed to fleas and ticks, the concentration of these pests in and around the home, and the health of your cat. Parasites often target animals that are sick and infirm to lay eggs and feed.

The strength of a natural flea and tick repellent may be slightly less potent than caustic pesticide-based repellents. That doesn't mean they are less effective, but they may require longer use and more repeat applications to completely keep all pests away. But with the potential risk to health and safety of your pet with harsh active ingredients in pesticide-based products, an all-natural alternative can have the same efficacy and protection.

Choose The BioPower Pet Shield

Cat owners seeking an alternative to toxic active ingredients in pesticide-based flea and tick repellents should choose the BioPower Pet Shield to keep pests and parasites away from your pet. This product is a potent and powerful all-natural solution for repelling pests that pose a health risk to you, your pet, and your family.

The Pet Shield is a tag that hangs from your cat's collar. It's made from stainless steel that has been infused with BioPower Pet's proprietary bioresonance technology, a highly effective form of energy that repels fleas and ticks with energy frequencies that work as a harmless, non-toxic repellent.

Our infused bioresonance energy keeps your pet protected from parasites and pests by keeping them away before they have a chance to lay eggs and spread disease.

Pet Shield

Why the BioPower Pet Shield?

The BioPower Pet Shield offers a wide range of benefits for keeping pests off your cat:

100% Natural

The tag has been infused with bioresonance energy which does not contain any toxic materials so your cat is protected by a 100% natural flea and tick repellent.

Round the Clock Protection

The Pet Shield is worn on the collar and it looks like a regular identification tag. But this tag emits an invisible barrier of round the clock protection. Gone are the days of applying sticky pesticide-based topicals to your cat for long-term protection from fleas and ticks. The tag doesn't require any batteries to operate either. The bioresonance energies have been infused into the tag.

Replace Once a Year

One tag is good for 12 months of complete protection from fleas and ticks.

Extra Protection from Pests

The BioPower Pet Shield natural flea and tick repellent for cats can protect your cat with powerful bioresonance energy. But if your area has a higher than normal concentration of fleas and ticks, the tag may work best in conjunction with another natural pet repellent for dual action protection 24/7.

That's why we offer the BioPower Flea and Tick Spray, a topical mist that can be used to complement the Pet Shield when necessary. Just a few sprays on your cat's coat will increase the strength of the BioPower Pet's bioresonance technology and drive fleas and ticks away and keep them from coming back. A hint of Citronella gives the spray extra strength as an effective flea and tick repellent while warding off other pests that can cause your cat discomfort.