Dog Calming Spray

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The revolutionary BioPower Pet Dog Calming Spray will help your dog to relax when in stressful situations. Visitors, car rides, loud noises - take the anxiety edge off of whatever makes your dog nervous.
3 products

An anxious dog can demonstrate the symptoms of anxiety and tension when they find themselves in a variety of stressful situations. Loud noises from fireworks, a trip to the veterinarian, and harsh thunderstorms can have your pet whining, crying, and exhibiting unwanted, even destructive behaviors.

If your dog is experiencing high levels of stress on a regular basis, that could have serious negative health consequences. Just like us humans, routine stress and anxiety can cause health issues that need to be addressed and, when it comes to our pets, we can't always tell when something is wrong.

The BioPower Pet Calm & Chill Spray is the ideal solution for helping your anxious dog relax with all-natural ingredients that produce a calming effect by working with your pet's biofield using our proprietary bioresonance technology. These bioenergetic frequencies have been shown to lower stress and anxiety and help your pup relax during stressful situations in which they may feel scared or uncertain.

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