The Fundamentals of Holistic Pet Care: A Comprehensive Guide

By Marty Grosjean

When it comes to our dogs and cats, we would do just about anything to make sure they are healthy and happy. But while we may think we are doing all we can to protect their health and well-being, chances are we haven't thought of everything – and that's where holistic pet care plays a role in giving our pets the exceptional quality of life they deserve.

Taking the Holistic Approach to Your Pet's Health

Holistic pet care takes a wide-ranging and comprehensive approach to examine your pet's well-being from every aspect. Pet health isn't just about keeping them free from pain and illness, it must also incorporate the psychological and emotional factors of a pet's well-being. This type of care also places an emphasis on natural options with respect to meeting all of your pet's essential needs.

But at the end of the day you can be sure you are giving your pet the best possible care that goes beyond the essentials. Food and water are obvious, it's about providing the healthiest options of those basics. There's also companionship, exercise, and giving your pet a safe space where they can feel comfortable, protected, and above all, unconditional love.

Taking a holistic approach to your pet's health is about increasing the benefits of your contributions to their life and introducing positive changes that are both effective and long-lasting. When your cat or dog does encounter a health challenge, a truly holistic approach to addressing that challenge takes the mind and body into consideration to better understand what your pet is trying to tell you.

Most animals can hide pain and discomfort very well, that doesn’t mean they are any less uncomfortable and they need your help.

Your pet's behavioral patterns are just as informative as other symptoms that are presented, whether it's gunky eyes, increased drooling, or something as simple as a sneeze. Learning how to read the indicators from an holistic standpoint can make a world of difference in healing your pet's ailment and fortifying an emotional bond with your furry friend.

Benefits of Holistic Pet Care

The changes you make today can have lasting benefits for the long term. The holistic approach to pet care can have a significant difference on your pet's overall health by helping to increase immunity, reduce stress, improve circulation, and help your pet with better nutrition. The changes you see will be gradual but look for a shinier, healthier coat and a happier disposition. Dogs and cats are a part of the family and treating them as such will strengthen your relationship and advocating for your pet's well-being through subtle changes in diet and healthcare will ensure a more enriched quality of life.

Making Changes

Embracing the holistic approach to your pet's health and wellness may require some adjustments in your daily or weekly routines. Whether it's a shift in the way you observe your pet's behavior, making a change from processed food to natural alternatives, or even choosing a different method for parasite control, a commitment to holistic care takes dedication and a departure from the norm.

But in all things related to your cat or dog, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before making any major changes regarding your pet's health and nutrition.

Nutritional Changes

Consider how your diet makes you feel. When you eat poorly you feel lousy. If your meal doesn't properly satiate your appetite, you may tend to snack between meals which can increase your weight and have a negative impact on your overall health.

The same thing happens with your pet. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for your pet's wellness yet many of the food options that are marketed as healthy or meeting the dietary requirements of your pet don't always deliver on that promise.

Low-cost food doesn't have to be unhealthy food. There are ways to give your dog or cat a quality meal without paying exorbitant costs to do it. Taking an all-natural approach to your pet's diet is the best option at any price point.

Always check the ingredients in the food you serve your pet. Cheap fillers and processed meal products are only going to increase your pet's weight and reduce the nutritional value of the food.

Holistic care allows for a raw protein diet, the idea being that your pet's food is more akin to the food they would eat in the wild and without the processed ingredients. This makes for better digestion and more complete nutrition.

The same old dry kibble each day can also get your cat or dog into a mental rut. They do enjoy fresh food as much as we do and introducing these staples into their diet boosts morale and gives them a similar emotional fulfillment as a fresh homemade meal or eating out at a fancy restaurant provides for us.

Supplements and Vitamins

Pets can enjoy many health benefits from the use of probiotic supplements to address digestive concerns as well as vitamin supplements to ensure they are getting the most out of their diet. Nutrient-rich foods are beneficial for your pet but if they are unwilling or unable to enjoy a diet filled with the proper nutrients, supplemental sources might be required in the form of prescription or over-the-counter treatments.

Recognizing and Avoiding Stress and Anxiety

A calm pet is a happy pet. But how do you know if your dog or cat is calm and content if you can't recognize the signs of stress or anxious behavior? Remember, the holistic approach to pet care means being in tune with the non-verbal cues that your pet is giving you to make you aware of their mental and emotional state.

Cats and dogs can and do have anxiety but the reasons behind what triggers these feelings can come from a myriad of different places. Your pet may feel loneliness or depression, suffering from separation anxiety, choosing to show dominance through negative behavioral patterns towards you or other pets, even simple boredom can have an impact on your pet's state of mind.

All of these can result in negative health outcomes and soon the physical well-being of your pet begins to take a turn for the worse.

How do you address these issues? The answers can be as unique as your pet and their particular lifestyle and environmental influences.

The important thing is to always be patient and use positive reinforcement as you discover what is triggering their stress and anxiety. When possible, make lifestyle changes to reduce the stress and eliminate anxiety.

You can help calm your pet through holistic, all-natural products that are proven effective instead of making promises that don't ultimately come to fruition. Calming sprays are a popular option but always use caution when selecting these products. Some rely on chemicals or artificial hormones to do the trick and these may not be as effective for providing long-lasting results.

Administering a calming spray that uses bioresonance energies is an effective alternative to help your pet calm down and relax. Pet calming spray for dogs and cats from BioPower Pet uses only natural spring water embedded with a proprietary bioresonance energy that emits a calming effect on your pet with the natural assistance of a hint of verbena.

The ideal solution for pets that are afraid of unknown situations or feeling restless from being left alone throughout the day or night.

Flea and Tick Control

One of the most potentially dangerous influences on your pet's health is the existence of parasites. Fleas and ticks not only spread disease to both animals and humans, but they can leave your pet and your family feeling the sting of red, itchy skin, welts, hives, and the possibility of skin infections from constant scratching.

Your dog or cat doesn't know they're carrying these parasites until the licking, biting, and scratching starts to relieve their discomfort. The common solution that most pet parents typically use on their pets is a topical or oral medication that relies on poisons and pesticides to kill the existing parasites and prevent others from returning.

But if chemicals, substances, and poisons in your pet's bloodstream are a lethal combination for fleas and ticks, using them on your pet can't be a very good idea for the long term. Holistic flea and tick control uses all-natural ingredients that can be just as effective at eliminating parasites.

Natural parasite repellants and stainless steel collar tags embedded with bioresonance energy are two excellent alternatives to the caustic chemicals that have, unfortunately, become the norm for flea and tick control.

BioPower Pet flea and tick products can be used together or separately to give your cat or dog holistic protection against fleas, ticks, even mosquitoes. Using the company's proprietary bioresonance process, these products create a protective barrier around your pet with bio-energetic frequencies that drive away the parasites and keep them away. Wearing the Pet Shield Tag can provide 12 months of protection while one spritz of the Flea and Tick Spray in the morning can keep your pet pest-free for 24 hours.

These products do not use chemicals, pesticides, electricity, or batteries to protect your pet. There are no toxic ingredients or harmful additives. Just proprietary bioresonance energies that are safe and effective for you, your pet, and your entire family.

Going Holistic

Now that you have the fundamentals, the choice is yours. Taking a holistic approach to your pet’s care and wellness is a strong choice to show that you care about your four-legged best friends and you are willing to do everything to keep them safe and happy. You don’t need to make sweeping changes all at once, take it slow and be gradual in your shifts towards holistic health and well-being. You will soon notice a difference in your cat or dog and your relationship with one another.