Holistic Pet Care Success Stories: Real-life Cases

By Marty Grosjean
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The holistic approach to pet care emphasizes an equal focus on addressing every component of your pet's well-being to determine the root cause of an illness, ailment, or discomfort that your pet may be experiencing.

Once a diagnosis is made, alternative treatments might be implemented in lieu of, or alongside, traditional medicines like prescription antibiotics, pain relievers, or other traditional treatment options.

Holistic care also places an importance on preventative measures that ensure the health and safety of pets through good nutrition, psychological support, and natural supplements that work to maintain optimal wellness.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When a holistic veterinarian performs an examination of your pet, a wide range of factors are taken into consideration to determine the pet's overall health. If your pet is presenting certain symptoms or behavioral patterns that point to a specific condition, holistic pet examinations incorporate the physical, the mental, the emotional, and any negative influences within the pet's environment that might play a contributing role.

After a diagnosis is determined, holistic treatments might include the use of acupuncture, chiropractic intervention, aromatherapy, diet, herbal medicine, osteopathy, massage therapy and a variety of other therapies and technologies designed to maintain your pet's health.

The Efficacy of Holistic Pet Care

As a society, we've become so conditioned to rely on prescription drugs and stringent chemicals and compounds to treat illness that a normal response to the idea of holistic pet care is immediate skepticism.

One might wonder how acupuncture or muscle manipulation might treat a skin condition, for instance. Conventional medicine would usually call for a topical cream or a prescription oral antibiotic, perhaps a combination of the two, as a means for eliminating irritation, redness, and reducing the potential risks of infection from excessive scratching and broken skin.

However, that may only remove the symptom without addressing the cause behind the skin condition. There could be further underlying reasons for the condition to persist and eliminating the symptoms without finding out what has spurred them in the first place will only allow them to return again at a later date.

The itch may be gone, but it’s likely to come back sooner rather than later and this compromises your pet’s health over the long-term.

Some might view holistic pet care as “out of the box” thinking by examining the areas that can have an impact on your pet's behavior, including stress levels, physical challenges, and mental health.

Success Stories

Healthy skepticism is normal, particularly when it comes to the health and safety of our pets. That's why it's always a good idea to read about others' experiences and see how holistic care can change your pet's quality of life for the better.


Diann from Boulder, Colorado writes about her 14 year old dog, Ganesh. She started him on a holistic pet care regimen when he was a puppy and today, he's a happy and healthy dog without any major health issues with the exception of seasonal allergies:

“Although Ganesh has seasonal allergies, we are able to manage them quite well with a supplement that balances his immune system. He takes it in the fall and spring when his allergies start to act up, and the symptoms soon go away.”.

Diann has seen the difference that holistic care has made on Ganesh. She feeds him only frozen raw food and keeps him on a daily vitamin and supplement plan. She has chosen all-natural products for Ganesh including a holistic approach to flea and tick control. Traditional medicines utilize caustic poisons and harsh active ingredients to eliminate fleas and ticks and prevent them from coming back. But the holistic approach offers a safer alternative that is just as effective. It's given Ganesh a great life and can help your pet thrive as well:

“There is really nothing that can’t be managed using a holistic approach, from food to chronic health issues. That’s the approach I’ve used with Ganesh and the result is a dog who is still thriving. And of course we have had barely any veterinarian bills during his long life, which is great!”


Sydney from Ankeny, IA has a dog named Carly who was suffering from terrible itching and ear problems due to allergies. Unfortunately, despite the use of traditional veterinary care and medications, Carly continued to experience little to no relief from her discomfort:

“After trying steroids and prescription ear medications that would work for a while, we decided to take a whole new natural approach. We changed her diet from dry kibble to frozen raw patties and we started giving her extras like fish oil, vitamins, and allergy supplements, and the result has been dramatic.”

Sydney's strategy for an alternative solution to a common issue illustrates the efficacy of holistic care through a wide-ranging, comprehensive approach to the pet's well-being. Natural nutrition and nutrient-rich supplements have made a tremendous impact on Carly's quality of life. Corticosteroids and prescription antibiotics are helpful solutions for care in certain situations, but natural methods for health and wellness have ultimately made a positive difference in Carly:

“She no longer has any ear problems or itchiness, and even the staining around her paws and mouth has gone away. We are now big believers in the holistic approach to pet care for our dogs and cats”.

Is the Holistic Approach Right for Your Pet?

These are just a couple of the many satisfied pet owners who have adopted the holistic approach to caring for their furry four-legged friends. What about your pet? Holistic care might be the best option for dealing with a variety of health concerns and issues.

For example, flea and tick prevention. These parasites carry diseases and create health issues that can affect your pet and other members of your family. But some pet owners weigh the options of introducing harsh poisons and pesticides into their pets' bloodstream as effective methods for preventing fleas and ticks.

The holistic alternative can be found in the BioPower Pet Shield, a flea and tick repellent that uses bioenergetic frequencies to ward off parasites and eliminate infestations. No poisons, no pesticides, no chemicals, just 24/7 protection using BioPower’s exclusive bioresonance technology to deter pests and keep your pet parasite-free. One tag hung on your pet’s collar is good for 12 months of effective pest repellent.

Consider how this and other holistic alternatives can improve your pet’s health and give you the peace of mind knowing that you are making a dramatic difference in their quality of life.