Holistic Pet Care on a Budget: Affordable and Effective Strategies

By Marty Grosjean
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The holistic approach to pet care focuses on the overall health and wellness of the pet using alternative therapies when possible while utilizing traditional care when appropriate. But always placing an emphasis on the natural therapies that work towards focusing on the pet's well-being in the physical as well as the emotional and psychological aspects.

But when pet parents hear words like “holistic”, “homeopathic”, “natural”, or “alternative”, one might assume these fancy words come with fancier price tags and costs. Fortunately, the holistic approach to pet care comes with affordable and effective strategies for providing your furry family member with the support needed to live the best life possible.

When you apply a holistic strategy to keeping your pet healthy, you are putting a greater importance on balancing the pet's life energy. Their life force energy is necessary for supporting the well-being of the pet's mental and physical state, but also the spiritual. If that life energy is depleted or poorly distributed, that can have an adverse effect on the wellness of the pet, resulting in an imbalance leading to negative health outcomes.

Holistic Pet Care Strategies

But the holistic approach need not be an expensive one. The following are just some of the most affordable and effective ways for meeting your pet's needs without going over your monthly budget.


The technique of inserting very fine needles at various specific areas of the body has been utilized for over 2000 years as a means for treating significant physical health ailments from migraine headaches to persistent debilitating sciatica and pain and discomfort as a result of cancer or post-operative recovery in human beings. But now the practice has become more commonplace as an alternative therapy for addressing pain and discomfort in pets suffering from a variety of causes including arthritis, muscle spasms, and injury.

Massage Therapy

Our pets can not only benefit from massage therapy but they enjoy it as much as we do. It's one of the most effective methods for increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. You know that feeling of euphoric relaxation you get after a massage session where your levels of anxiety and stress are reduced to nothing? It can have the same effect on your pet. But don’t expect to bring your pup along to your next spa day, massage techniques used on animals differ from those which are used for humans, so you need to find a massage therapist trained in those particular techniques.

Diet and Nutrition

Here is where you can do a lot of good for your pet without breaking the bank. While it's true that many holistic brands of dry food can cost more than your standard bag of kibble that lacks the all-natural, protein-rich, and low-carb ingredients necessary for proper healthy nutrition, purchasing in bulk can help alleviate the overall costs per month.

But it's very important to keep in mind that your pet's health and wellness are built upon a foundation of good nutrition and a healthy diet. The food you provide for your pets can reduce the risks of chronic disease, inflammation, and obesity. This is especially vital in older pets whose nutritional requirements can change and weight gain threatens to cause joint pain and pressure, reducing mobility and impacting the cardiovascular and respiratory systems as a result.

Parasite Prevention

Flea and tick control is an essential part of pet ownership because these common parasites carry and spread disease that puts your pet and the rest of your family at risk. But conventional flea and tick medications are topicals that are applied directly to your pet's skin. The active ingredients in these topical applications are harsh chemicals and pesticides that are supposed to be absorbed into your pet's bloodstream. These poisons could prove damaging or fatal to humans, but they supposedly won't have the same effect on your pet?

That may the case but there's still something very concerning about putting these ingredients into your beloved dog or cat. Remember, life energy can be depleted with the wrong choices and lack of support for the pet's overall health and well-being. Yes, it's important to keep your pet and your home free of fleas and ticks that can irritate your pet's skin and cause it to itch, not to mention the impact something like Lyme Disease can have on the human immune system. But there has to be a better, more holistic alternative that is also affordable.

The BioPower Pet Shield is a stainless steel tag you attach to your pet's collar. In that tag is bioresonance technology that emits energetic frequencies to drive away fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes, keeping them off your pet for a full 12 months. One tag costs significantly less than a full six month course of the leading flea and tick medication.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

When you're dealing with a pet who is prone to stress and anxiety, you can take a variety of actions that cost next to nothing to implement and you and your pet will see a marked improvement in no time! Dogs and cats crave routine and they appreciate when you stick to it. If there is even a minor deviation from the norm to which they have grown accustomed, you may see your pet acting out in the form of destructive patterns or behaviors. So keep your pet calm by maintaining a routine that doesn't stray beyond the usual. It may seem like a small thing but it can have a big impact on your pet's health and well-being.

Exercise is another important component for keeping your pet stress-free and healthy. We all know exercise and movement are vital for good heart health, strong joints, and reduction in pain, but it can also be a good way to keep your pet calm. So spend some time with your pet walking, playing outside, or grab a laser pointer and have your cat chase that red dot around the room.

Effective Care for the Long Term

Some of these strategies may represent a large upfront expense but when presented with the costs of not implementing these holistic strategies, you may find you're spending far less now than you might on healthcare in the long run. Consider alternative methods of care as preventative in advance of emergency or costly conventional care due to a lack of consideration for approaching all aspects of your pet's health and well-being.

The steps you take now can have a long-lasting and dramatic impact on your pet's life force energy and keeping it balanced for greater and more positive health outcomes. Your pet relies on you to provide the care they need to keep them healthy. They deserve only the best and you can give it to them on a budget.