Holistic Nutrition for Growing Paws: A Puppy and Kitten Diet Guide

By Marty Grosjean
Kitten Diet

Concerned about what to feed your puppy or kitten? Good nutrition is vital to raising a healthy pet and the diet you provide will give your new little four-legged buddy the best possible start to a long and happy life.

That means offering meals high in nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals that support growth, maintain healthy weight, and stimulate all of your pet’s natural maturity processes while satisfying their appetite.

New pet owners who are still learning how to feed their puppy or kitten should understand that cheap, processed fillers and preservatives lack these nutritional attributes and even the so-called “healthy” national pet brands on the supermarket shelf are sometimes woefully inadequate for providing a high nutritional value for your growing pet.

The best way to achieve the goal of good nutrition for your pet from the very start is with a holistic approach to meeting their dietary requirements.

What is a Holistic Diet?

Providing your puppy or kitten with a holistic diet means offering food options that contain all-natural ingredients instead of processed components and empty calories. Holistic diets are designed to emulate the nutritional benefits of a “wild” diet, offering the same type of nutrients that come from the days when your pet’s ancestors used to hunt down and consume living prey - namely lots of animal protein.

That all-natural approach will help your pet maintain their weight and provide the nutritional benefits that come from raw proteins for optimal physical health and wellness while engaging their mental health by giving them variety in flavor profiles and sensory influences that bring a range of new and interesting tastes and textures to your pet’s everyday routine.

Holistic diets include fresh foods instead of the dry, crunchy kibble and thick, pasty “pate” of wet canned foods that populate most pets’ food bowls and dishes. When you give your pet fresh ingredients, the nutritional benefits are far more impactful and effective for supporting growth and proper function of the body and all of its complex systems, from the respiratory to the circulatory, as well as joint health and brain function.

Natural, whole ingredients go through little to no processing, ensuring that all of the nutrients remain intact and your puppy or kitten receives the full nutritional value and the benefits those offer to your young pet.

Why Raw, Natural Ingredients are Vital to Puppy and Kitten Wellness

The raw, natural components of a holistic diet not only bring greater nutritional advantages but other benefits as well. In addition to weight maintenance and cleaner ingredients, the holistic approach to nutrition for puppies and kittens allows for more effective absorption of nutrients, promotes better digestion, increased energy levels, and you may even notice your puppy or kitten has a shinier coat. That’s the sign of a healthier pet with thick, smooth fur and clear skin.

The empty fillers, artificial dyes, preservatives, and additives that go into the manufacturing formulas of many well-known commercial puppy and kitten food brands don’t provide the level of nutrition and weight management benefits of holistic diets.

The holistic approach to your pet’s menu choices ensures they receive the protective benefits of raw protein and the natural ingredients in their food, including antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals contained within these ingredients.

Holistic ensures your pet’s healthy growth and supports body function and well-being by reducing the risk of disease and promoting longer, more vibrant lifespans. A natural diet in addition to plenty of physical activity and exercise, good hydration, and a caring, loving, and nurturing environment are the foundation of a healthy upbringing for your puppy or kitten.

Species-Appropriate Holistic Dietary Recommendations

Feeding your young pet a species-appropriate diet means giving them raw proteins and real, clean ingredients that you might put on your own plate at mealtime.

Both puppies and kittens can benefit from raw meats made from human-grade food products, free of preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics. Organ meats such as hearts, livers, and kidneys can also be highly beneficial and nutritious for your pets. Vegetables high in nutrients should also be included in both puppy and kitten diets.

Many holistic dietary plans are available in commercially frozen or dehydrated raw products. Home-prepared options can be just as beneficial but could be time-consuming, so be sure you are prepping the food correctly, avoiding any processes that reduce the nutritional value of the food and ensuring the food is safe to eat and free from bones, cartilage, and other potentially dangerous choking hazards.

Puppy and Kitten Diets: What’s Next

Whether you’ve already started your little one on a holistic diet or you’ve considered switching, always take it slow. Introduce these foods to your pet gradually as their tiny bodies and systems acclimate to these ingredients and the nutrients within. Always consult with your veterinarian before making any significant changes in your pet’s dietary routine and be sure you always have plenty of fresh water available for your pets to drink.

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Good nutrition will ensure your young pet’s growth and maturity, bioresonance energy can support your pet’s long-term well-being at the cellular level, together providing a well-rounded and thorough outlook for promoting positive health outcomes.