Holistic Approaches to Managing your Pet's Chronic Illnesses

By Marty Grosjean
Chronic Illness

Pet owners who are struggling with treating chronic illness in their pets may want to consider alternative options that aren’t always embraced by conventional veterinarians. That’s not to suggest that conventional veterinary medicine rejects these options, but they aren’t always the first approach for managing chronic illness and medical conditions in pets who are aging or have been diagnosed with ongoing health challenges.

In fact, many veterinarians are starting to embrace the holistic approach to pet healthcare because it offers benefits for promoting a higher quality of life in the face of chronic disease that limits a pet’s ability to live without restrictions or pain and discomfort. These holistic alternatives have been known to result in positive health outcomes where conventional therapies and medications have failed.

Holistic care takes all aspects of the pet’s life, environment, and mental and physical well-being into the equation to diagnose and treat disease and dysfunction and restore the pet’s quality of life either in full or in part.

Consider the following holistic approaches to managing your pet’s chronic illnesses below. Implementing one or more of these alternative methods of treatment may very well be the solution for giving your pet the relief they have been desperate to enjoy for so long and help restore your pet’s comfort, energy, and overall health.

A Change in Diet

Food is what fuels us all and when it comes to your pets and managing chronic illness, their diet is often the first thing to consider when making positive changes for better health outcomes.

A switch to a holistic food means providing an all-natural, healthier alternative high in animal protein and free from the artificial additives and fillers that don’t contain any nutritional value. Holistic diets contain clean, simple, and natural components that are specially formulated to supply a raw diet that is similar to that which your pet would consume if catching their own food in the wild.

The nutritional value brings higher levels of proteins and carbohydrates without the empty calories from fillers and useless preservatives and artificial dyes and flavors that are not meant for your pet to consume. These unhealthy components may only be contributing to your pet’s chronic illness and dysfunction and eliminating fillers, additives, and artificial or synthetic ingredients is often the first thing to remove from your pet’s routine to manage illness.


The insertion of small needles into specific areas of the body to identify, diagnose, and treat illness, pain, and inflammation in the body has been a practice that dates back thousands of years. This form of traditional Chinese medicine has only grown in popularity as of late due to its efficacy and natural approach to healing.

It’s also become an effective way to manage and even eliminate chronic illness in pets, especially senior dogs and cats who are dealing with forms of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and digestive problems. Acupuncture can also be a highly useful substitute for pharmaceutical pain medications which can often do damage to the liver with repeated use. The holistic approach to these challenges through the use of acupuncture can offer far more benefits than conventional prescription drugs.

Chiropractic Care

Pets dealing with physical dysfunction, nerve issues, and muscular and skeletal system challenges may benefit greatly from chiropractic care. Chiropractic can realign the spine for proper body alignment and offer pain relief. Aging pets can also benefit from chiropractic care because it can help by manipulating the biofield in the pet to distribute life force energy towards areas of the body where it can be more useful and target interruptions in the flow of those energies which can cause illness and dysfunction in the body.

Bioresonance Technology

Bioresonance energy has been in use throughout Europe for the last two decades as a reliable and dependable component of the healthcare industry. A variety of products that incorporate bioresonance technology for use in pets offer bioenergetic frequencies that support good health and immunity on a cellular level.

These frequencies enter the pet’s body through the meridians that channel proper flow of energy in the biofield, manipulating those energies as a method for healing and preventing illness. Ideal for pets of all ages, these holistic solutions offer mobility and joint support and health and immunity support, among other bioresonance therapies that promote overall health and wellness in dogs and cats.

Going Holistic for Managing Pet Health

Chronic illnesses can take their toll on you and your pet as it becomes more challenging and complex to figure out the causes behind your pet’s symptoms of pain or dysfunction. But the holistic approach to solving these mysteries can offer new insights into how our pets' lives are impacted by the choices we make. Whether your pet is dealing with health matters due to their age or your pet is still a vibrant young adult with a health condition, conventional medicines only have so much to offer before you may start to wonder if the cure is worse than the disease.

Holistic health can offer healthier treatments that may be relied upon by themselves or in conjunction with conventional veterinary medicine. In either case, the health and safety of your pet and their quality of life is a priority, and ensuring the best methods for reaching those outcomes should be the only concern.

Consult with your veterinarian before making any major adjustments or changes to your pet’s diet or medication regimen and find out more about how a holistic approach may be able to help.