A Holistic Approach to Calming an Anxious Dog

By Marty Grosjean
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Common Signs of Anxious Dogs

The typical anxiety symptoms of dogs are not always recognizable at first glance. Though some signals are obvious like excessive panting, trembling, or whining, other unwanted behaviors such as constant barking or howling and destructive behavioral patterns such as chewing or scratching can also be signs your dog is having anxiety for any number of reasons.

If your dog is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, you may have a nervous pet:


Anxious dogs will hide when they are uneasy or nervous around people or uncomfortable during stressful events.

Decreased Appetite/Increased Thirst

Dogs that are feeling anxiety tend to lose interest in food and become focused on drinking water.


Anxious dogs tend to shed more when they find themselves trapped in stressful situations.

Incessant Barking and Whining

Dogs bark. But when the barking becomes louder and more incessant than usual, your dog may be feeling the pressure from a stressful event or environment. Whining can also be a symptom of stress.

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Your dog may be nervous or anxious for a variety of reasons and it's important that you monitor your pet's behavioral patterns. Scolding or punishing the dog for excessive barking or other unwanted behaviors will only make the problem worse and it may take some time to determine what is causing the stress.

Therefore, it's best that you remain patient as you work through the challenges together to make your pet feel safe and reassured there is nothing to fear.

An effective solution like the BioPower Pet Dog Calming Spray can help ease the symptoms of anxiety from these and other triggers:

Traumatic Experiences

Post-traumatic stress is something that humans and pets alike might experience after going through a particularly traumatic past episode that triggers unpleasant memories or flashbacks.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs that are experiencing separation anxiety from a loved one can demonstrate common signs of anxiety or stress. These behaviors might come about when the dog misses humans or other pets who live in the same residence but are nowhere to be found.

Dog Breeds and Genetics

Certain dog breeds are more likely to develop anxiety and stress due to their genetic makeup. Even though a specific breed is susceptible to anxious behaviors does not always mean your dog is not experiencing some kind of stressful event that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Inadequate Socialization

Dogs that have not been socialized properly might have a tough time in social settings with a lot of unfamiliar faces, sounds, and movements.

Unexpected Environmental Influences

A dog can become anxious or afraid when faced with unexpected shifts in their otherwise normal everyday routine. A ride in the car, a loud noise, visitors that don't look or smell familiar, all of these stressors can affect your dog's behavior and trigger feelings of anxiety and unwanted behaviors.

Dogs working through stress and anxiety can have a tough time doing even the simplest tasks in the most normal of environments. Adding a few spritzes to your pup's fur once or twice a day can be extremely helpful in managing your pet's anxieties for enjoying a less stressful existence.

BioPower Pet Calming Spray for Dogs - The Natural Way to Soothe and Relax

The revolutionary BioPower Pet Dog Calming Spray is an all-natural, non-toxic solution for helping dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments manage stress and anxiety. Houseguests, vet visits, car rides, loud noises, even thunderstorms, all of these and other stressful situations can be made less worrisome with just a few sprays to make your dog feel calm and relaxed.

BioPower Pet Calming Spray works to calm and relax your dog using our proprietary bioresonance energy process and a soothing Verbena aromatherapy scent.

There is no sedative effect and this spray is not intended for use as a sleep aid for your pet.

The product's main purpose is for calming your pet's nervous system to help reduce the level of anxiety and take the edge off in stressful situations where your dog is exhibiting signs of anxiety and discomfort.

Our calming spray is 100% natural, so it does not rely on artificial hormones or chemicals to achieve the desired effect and it can be used on any size dog.

Only Natural Active Ingredients in BioPower Pet Calming Sprays

All of our pet calming sprays are composed of two main active ingredients: spring water infused with bioresonance energy and Verbena essential oils. These work in combination with each other to have a calming effect on dogs that are struggling with anxiety symptoms.

How Bioresonance Energy Works

The spring water used in our calming spray has been treated with a proprietary biosresonance energy that has been developed in Europe by the leading experts in engineering and manufacturing bio-energetic products. This technology has been used across a variety of bio-energetic health products for the past two decades.

Our calming spray for dogs uses bioenergetic frequencies that have been shown to soothe both dogs and cats. Apply our calming spray and you will see a dramatic difference in the way your pet reacts to stress as a relaxation effect reduces unwanted behaviors and promotes calm.

Applying our Calming Spray to Your Dog is Easy and Effective

Just spray directly on your dog and you will shortly notice a difference in your pet's mood. Vet visits, crate training, visitors, loud noises, etc. will be easier and less stressful on both you and your pet.

Depending on the size of the dog, simply spray three to five times from head to tail with one spray directly on your pet's belly. The spray should be administered before the start of a stressful event such as a car ride or a visit from houseguests. Notice a change in the weather and storm clouds rolling in? Three to five pumps sprayed directly on your dog can be a lot easier and more effective than getting your dog to wear that thunder shirt.

For dogs that are routinely anxious and stressed out, a daily application can be effective for reducing anxiety and calming nerves with long-lasting results. Feel free to spray your pet's crate or favorite bed to promote a more calming environment and alleviate tension ahead of any stressful events that might occur throughout the day.

BioPower Pet dog calming sprays are non-toxic and free of any harsh or stringent chemicals, hormones, and other potentially harmful additives.

The spray is gentle and all-natural, so you can spray it on a puppy or full-grown dog.

Purchase Your BioPower Pet Calming Spray Today

Stressful situations call for effective measures in keeping your best friend comfortable and calm. Our dog calming spray is the ideal solution for eliminating fear and anxiety in your pet when loud sounds such as fireworks and construction crews or unknown visitors like mail carriers and noisy neighbors are causing your pet to hide and shed.

Just a few pumps of calming spray and your dog will realize there really is nothing to be afraid of out there.