All Natural Flea & Tick Repellent for Dogs & Cats

100% Safe. No sprays, chemicals, batteries, or electronics.

"The most effective, all-natural 'set and forget' pest protection for my outdoorsy pup!"

-James T.

Why Choose BioPower Pet Shield?

100% Natural

BioPower Pet Shield uses bioresonance, a natural pest deterrent that's safe for your pet.

24/7 Protection

BioPower Pet Shield provides your pet with a barrier of invisible protection all day and all night.

Lasts a Full Year

BioPower Pet Shield protects your pet for an entire year! Simply replace it every 12 months.

Happiness Guaranteed

If you're not totally satisfied with the BioPower Pet Shield, contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

It's Not Magic.
It's Just Science ✨

Bioresonance is a collection of energy frequencies which naturally repel ticks & fleas.

BioPower Pet Shield

BioPower Pet Shield

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The BioPower Pet Shield is a sturdy stainless-steel tag that hangs from your pet's collar just like and ID tag. It sends out natural energetic frequencies that repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos to keep them away from your pet for 12 full months.
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Hear from Happy Pet Shield Customers


My dog has been using this amazing tag for all 12 years of his life and he has not had a single tick or flea. And he is hiking in the woods at least several times a week all year long. Highly recommended!

Natural Flea Killer for Dogs Cats
Diann M.

I’m so happy I found this product! I feel so much better not giving my girl the chemical treatments. And it works like a charm – no flea issues at all since starting to use it. I am sold and will continue to get one every year…

Natural Flea Treatment for Cats Dogs
Allie B.

We live in tick country and we are extremely pleased with the results. My dog Lilly is in the yard all day all summer and we’ve found only a few ticks in the five years we’ve been using the tag. That’s an amazing testimonial to how well it works considering what it would be otherwise!

Natural Flea Remedies
Aaron T.
Natural Flea & Tick Spray
Safe Flea & Tick Prevention for Pets
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Natural Flea & Tick Collar
Natural Flea Spray for Pets
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The BioPower Pet Shield works for an entire year without replacement!

Absolutely! The BioPower Pet Shield is a chemical-free, natural solution for fleas and ticks!

Not at all! The tag doesn’t need batteries or recharging. It emits its natural energetic frequencies for a full year.

No, the tag protects your pet from getting new fleas and ticks, but it doesn’t eliminate existing ones. So you need to make sure your pet is flea- and tick-free before using the BioPower Pet Shield to protect it from future infestations.

Natural Flea & Tick Spray

All-Natural means:

🌳 Non-toxic
🚫 No chemicals or pesticides
🚫 No electricity or batteries
🚫 No magnetic fields
🚫 Doesn't interfere with tracking collar or invisible fence